Technology: Difference between a disc and a disk

Disk and disc have very similar pronounciation, but they are very different: 2 alternative spelling for things that are generally thing and circular geometry. For the most part the words “disc” and “disk” can be used interchangeably to describe these flat, rounded objects. The terms and the objects appear in fields such as computers, media, science, anatomy and automotive mechanics. Some of these fields primarily use one spelling, others use both, depending on the specific object. In many fields the spellings can be used interchangeably, but generally in computer technology the word disk refers to the magnetic storage (hard disks, floppy disks or diskettes) while disc refers to optical storage (compact discs or CDs, digital versatile discs or DVDs).

In computers and media these 2 words refer to storage devices for data, music and videos. You can store all kind of files on them, but the difference in their structure give you different ways to write, organize and read the data from them.

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Science: Why are emeralds green

Why are emeralds green #1

Emeralds are the green gem variety of the mineral beryl (Be3Al2(SiO3)6) and they are identical to other types of beryl except for their chromium and (sometimes) vanadium content: it is the chromium that gives emeralds their bright green color. The toughness (resistance to breaking) of emeralds is classified as generally poor: the Beryl has a hardness of 7,5 – 8 on 10 poin Mohs scale of mineral hardnes.

Like all colored gemstones the emeralds are graded using four basic parameters – the four Cs of Connoisseurship: Color, Cut, Clarity and Crystal. The word gemstone comes from the habe of the jewelers that, before the 20th century, used the term water as a gem of the finest water to express the combination of 2 qualities: color and crystal. In the grading of colored gemstones color is the most important criterion, crystal is considered the second criterion. They are both necessary condition.

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