How do an article can pass Copyscape? Reasons and tips. #1

Copyscape is an online software that’s been used by webmasters, writers, SEO experts and lots of other people to check if an article is unique or not. Everyone wants to be in front of the search results lists and the best way to do it is with lots and lost of unique content – it’s already well know that search engines put accent on the uniqueness and they don’t like plagiarism. The best case scenario nothing will happen if you copy content from others, the worst case scenario is a combination of law suits and penalties from the search engines.

Some people say that Copyscape is the best way to check if your content was copied by someone else or the article you are intended to by has been copied and used by the guy you hired. Others say that using it is a mistake and it’s not so buletproof the fans consider it to be. For the moment is one of the most popular plagiarism checkers and it’s taken into consideration by so many people you have to take also in consideration in order to make yourself a reputation as a blogger and a content writer.

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