As millions of people are using P2P file sharing software to swap music, movies and videos, books and various other files over the internet (like software or cracks for them). There are a lot of free peer-to-peer file sharing programs “on the market”, some of them offers their users great numbers of files of different kind to choose from, some software uses network resources. If your question is “what’s the best P2P file sharing program I should use?” the answers is that depends on your needs and how you know and like to do things. You can find some programs easier to use than others, and more, each program has its own strengths and weakness. Some people uses two or three P2P softwares depending of easy to find are the files they are searching.

Even I don’t recommend (loudly) the usage of the P2P software because the copyright infrigements that they can bring, they were very useful in some situation when they provided songs or other files that were otherwise unavailable. So I have a few recommendation about the programms I used or (mostly) I found about from others.

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