The guide about Nintendo game consoles seems rather incomplete without a detailed list of great Nintendo game series. I’ve written about some games that came with some consoles, but it seems not enough. As you already know, Nintendo games date back to the 1980s and during the last 3 decades a lot of great game series were introduced (some of the games have millions of fans all around the world) and contributed to the succes of the consoles. The games development continues further and I believe that Nintendo is preparing some good surprises to its clients.

Super Mario Bros

The first game of the series was Super Mario Bros on Nintendo NES, since them the Marion platform games have been included on most of the Nintendo game consoles. The debut games was a blockbuster, it dominated the 1980’s and set some records at that time. Since then the patform games have expanded on more advanced game consoles while the technology and the design developed beyond the dreams of the endusers. As the old time users says, one of the exiting games was Mario 61 which was the first 3D Mario platform game. Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS use the traditional 2D format, one of Mario’s greatest hits.

Super Mario Bros series celebrated its 25 anniversary in 2010, it is already certain that new games in the series will be available on the game consoles Nintendo Wii-U and Nintendo 3DS.

There were some spin-offs to this successful series, like Super Mario Kart, that also had some success.

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