the internet: Why celebrities should be careful when using Twitter

For celebrities using Twitter (and social media in general) is a double-edged sword: they can connec with their fans (almost) any time, but everything they say will be dissected or misinterpreted by some people or by all his/her fans.

Celebrities should be careful when using Twitter in special because the message is short, only 140 characters, it’s a lot easier to misled people for whom your language is not their native language. I know you can not please all the people around you, especially as a celebrity, but you should consider that it’s very easy to start a debate if people are upset about some thing or another. One unhappy fan may gather around him other unhappy fans. So, when you are using Twitter be as clear as you can.

As a celebrity you should consider (if you don’t do it already) that everyone is following your tweets carefully. If you write something under the heat of the moment (the influence of emotions) you can tell people something you may don’t want to tell (at least for the moment or not at all) and everything can turn bad. In some cases such things already happened, but I am not going to give examples… you may know some of them and you can always search with yahoo, bing or google for others.

Twitter is a very good method to interact to your audience but don’t let it to take over your life. That’s an advice for everyone to consider, but celebrities should take care more seriously then others: they are followed by a lot of people because they are famous for doing something, not because their activity on Twitter.Managing the time and followers are a must from this point of view.

the internet Why celebrities should be careful when using Twitter / – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

the internet: Why employees should be careful when using Twitter

A few years ago social networks on internet were unthinkable, something depicted from science fiction stories. Meanwhile things have changed, the internet became a part of every day life, but something remained the same as the times it was only in the imagination and plans of few people: the employers are always asking for references. Long, long time ago, when the world was in a galaxy without internet, the old fashion way as to phone the previous employer and ask him (or her) about how kind of people was the employee wanabe. Lately the job of asking references has became a lot more easier: it’s enough to search and browse the guy’s social network accounts.

The quality and the quantity of people’s tweets can be a good judge for the one who’s writing or sharing them. Some people made history with what they said, in bad and good ways… and they are or were remember for that: something written in a moment of stupidy or rage can follow the writer for the rest of his life. On the other hand, almost no employer will be interested in someone that’s loosing his time tweeting instead of doing the job he is hired to do. More, nobody will be interested in someone foolish, who speaks or writes stupid things or, at least, nothing of values.

the internet Why employees should be careful when using Twitter / – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

the internet: Why politicians should be careful when using Twitter

Why politicians should be careful when using Twitter #1

Social media is something very useful when you want to send a message for the entire world in such manner that everyone interested can pick it up and read it over and over again if they are interested. Social networks can be a very powerful tools if they are used properly, if you have a good message to send and a better mind to organize the virtual world as needed. I know that the whole idea of social media interaction is treated differently around the globe, some people does not yet understand their meaning. As a old time politician, if you don’t see the use of social media stay away of them and put a specialist in communication and internet to do this job for you.

The first important thing a politician must consider when using Twitter is the misinterpretation. The length of the message is essential in Twitter: you must fit everything in only 140 characters. That’s all. It does not matter who you are (politician or not), if you want to make youself understood clearly you must write carefully every tweet you send to your followers. Misunderstanding can be translated into votes, usually in losing them. You can lose an entire campaign because you have been ambiguous in several ocasions and the word about it have been spread.

the internet Why politicians should be careful when using Twitter / – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.