Do you know what RTFM mean? It’s an abbreviation of Read The Fucking Manual. It’s usually said or written in response to a question when a person being asked believes that the question can be easily answered by reading the instractions or user’s manual. That usually happen when people buy themselves a gizmo, go home and unpack it, then they start using it and soon after they are getting error messages or the device does not work properly (as they want or as it should work). The first impression is that the gizmo is deffective or they never got what they asked ar the store, but it usually that’s not it. The most common problems in first days of usage are triggered by the wrong usage of a device – any device (it works the same for computers, tablets, smartphones, washing machines or cars).

Nobody is born an expert, we all have to learn from scratch for about all the fields of activity. In this matter we are all born equals. Some become experts in time, afters months and years of intense usage of the elements of their field of activity, so don’t blame youself that you don’t figure out from the beginning what does the strange unfamiliar thing near you.

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