We all know about the evolution of the hard drives in the last decades, and that they increased in size from just a few megabytes to “just” a couple of terrabytes or more. There are a lot of peple keeping their archives of pictures, music or movies on such hard disks and any damage to them whould be a catastrophy. There are many reasons to causedisks to become unreadable: from the physical damage to the platans or the electronics, to software errors or boot record corruption.

The damage of the hard disk usually happen when you are dropping it to the ground or you hit it in one way or another, so try do not do that. They usually have some protection system against that, but they are still very sensitive to sudden moves or blunt force. Software error can be cause by viruses or maltion programs – or even user errors – that messes up your operating system and badly interacts with the way OS is reading/writing the drives.

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