An 8th-note.
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Nu pot spune că am avut prilejul să ascult acest gen muzical (muzică folclorică englezească) prea des… dar îmi place cum sună.

As I was a walking one morning in May
I spied a young couple a makin’ of hay.
O one was a fair maid and her beauty showed clear
and the other was a soldier, a bold grenadier.

Good morning, good morning, good morning said he
O where are you going my pretty lady?
I’m a going a walking by the clear crystal stream
to see cool water glide and hear nightingales sing.

O soldier, o soldier, will you marry me?
O no, my sweet lady that never can be.
For I’ve got a wife at home in my own country,
Two wives and the army’s too many for me.

From the list of folk songs by Roud number:

140. “The Bold Grenadier”, “The Nightingale Song” or “One Morning In May” etc. (Laws P14)

Interpretarea: The Cambridge Singers with John Rutter