If you don’t know it yet, ham radio antenna is dedicated to amateur radio (ham) operators, that radio anthusiasts all over the world that spend countless hours searching between radio waves and talking to other people from different part of their country or continent. They are authorized by their communications or postal authorities to transmit and receive at frequencies from a few hundred kilohertz to microwave and they require solutions that will fit their plans, their needs, and, why not, their dreams.

The right ham radio antenna increases the range of the transmission and it help ensure its clarity. Choosing the right antena involves considering several important factors as the type of your radio equipment, the territory you are living in (it’s not the same thing if you are living between mountains or you are living in the middle of a huge plain) and the price of the antenna itself. One on the most important things that matter, depending about the regulatory enivornment is whether the antenna is going to be visible to everybody or invisible (hidden, low power, camouflaged).

Technology What to consider when buying a ham radio antenna /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.