Evoluția bicicletei

Cel care a făcut bicicleta monstru o fi știind el ceva despre istoria și evoluția obiectului care e folosit nu doar pentru plăcerea pe care mișcare o provoacă, dar și pentru beneficiile sale (este, totuși o metodă de a face exerciții fizice, iar unii consideră mersul pe bicicletă ca un sport).

Evolution of the Bicycle from Visual Artwork on Vimeo.

Recunosc, mi-e lene să traduc descrierea de pe vimeo atașată animației, așa că o găsiți (cea mai reprezentativă parte) mai jos – conține identificiarea perioadelor istorice din filmulețul de mai sus.

1790, A Frenchman named Comte Mede de Sivrac says to be the first to attach two wheels in each end of a piece of wood. This creation is referred as “Velocifere” or “Celerifere”

1817, The German Karl Drais von Sauerbronn built the first steerable bicycle, the “Draisine”. He’s particular model is not shown in this animation though.

1818, In England, Denis Johnson improved the draisine. He’s model, “Dandy Horse” had bigger wheels and was lighter.

1839, Scottish, Kirkpatrick MacMillan is believed to be the inventor of the first pedal-driven bicycle, inspired by the locomotive.

1866, Pierre Lallement’s velocipede “The Boneshaker” is one of the first bicycles with pedals attach to the front wheel. He’s fellow landsman Pierre Michau invented a similar model around the same time and it is unclear who really was the first to put pedals on a wheel, although it is quite curtain it’s from France.

1869, The Frenchman Eugene Meyer has the credit for inventing the first high-wheeled bicycle, the famous “Penny-Farthing”. English, James Starley did a lot of further improvements on the high-wheelers and in 1870 he invited the “Ariel”.

1880-85, G. W. Pressey invented the “American Star” bicycle followed with the “Pony Star Bicycle” by William S. Kelley

further details are comming

1879, Harry J. Lawson’s bicyclette

1891, W. Scantlebury & J.K. Starley

1885, J.K. Starley “Rover Safety Bicycle”
1890 C. D. Rice


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