Melodia zilei: Bon Jovi – Have a nice day

Nu prea pun mai multe melodii ale zilei într-o anume zi, doar atunci cînd este cu adevărat nevoie… adică cînd dau peste mai multe melodii care sînt atît de bune încît nu mai pot să aştept cîteva ore ca să le pun aici. Aşa a fost şi azi: am dat mai întîi peste Take over the world, iar apoi de melodia celor de la Bon Jovi. Este una dintre formaţiile mele preferate, dar parcă nu-i mai ascult atît de mult în ultimul timp. Este o eroare (ca să nu spun de-a dreptul Oroare) care trebuie corectată.

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Science: Strange weather: Instances and causes of fish falls during rain storms

Strange weather: Instances and causes of fish falls during rain storms #1

Raining animals is a rare meteorological phenomenon in which flightless animals fall from the sky – that happens no matter the sky is clear (no strong winds, tornados or waterspouts) or it was raining. Such occurrences have been reported in many countries all over the globe in human history, in many cultures: from the Roman empire to Asia, both America and Africa… from ancient times to modern days. The phenomenon is present in literature and popular culture, for example the English language has the famous words “it’s raining with cats and dogs”, but similar examples can be found in many languages over the world.

The most common animals fallen from the sky are the frogs and the fishes, but there have been seen rains of toads, snakes and worms.

One hypothesis explain the phenomenon using the strong winds that travel over the water and pick up creatures as fishes and fogs or small other animals like snakes and worms while passing over the land. These winds would carry them several kilometers and drop them when they lose their strength… but this phenomenon has never been scientifically tested or witnessed. French physicist André-Marie Ampère was among the first scientists to take seriously accounts of raining animals – one of the versions of this hypothesis was explained by the physicist to the Society of Natural Science.

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Melodia zilei: Your favorite martian – Take over the world

Ţinînd cont că m-am trezit foarte greu în dimineaţa asta şi că de cîteva ore mă mişc ca un zombi, în ciuda unei cafele tari, melodia asta sună foarte bine pentru a da trezirea…

E prima oară cînd am auzit de Your Favorite Martian, el este un canal de pe youtube lansat în ianuarie 2011 de către Ray William Johnson, el conţine videoclipuri cu animaţii. Melodiile sînt interpretate de o formaţie virtuală din 4 personaje de desene animate: PuffPuff Humbert (vocal, cîntă Johnson), DeeJay (turntable), Axel Chains (tobe), and Benatar (vocal, chitară). Majoritatea pieselor sînt compuse de Johnson, dar uneori colaborează cu alţi muzicieni pentru a produce piesele.

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Business: What are employee empowerment strategies

What are employee empowerment strategies #1

According to the definition, empowerment is the process of enabling or authorizing an individual to think, behave, take action and control work and decision making in autonomous ways. Its main effect is the creation of a work environment in wich people are productive, contributing and, why not, happy. As a business manager you can choose either to control everything in the company (doable when it’s a small business, impossible in large company) or to trust your employee to do the right thing when they are empowered.

Share goals and directions

People always act better when they know what to do and where they have to get based on their actions. As a business manager, or, at least, with a position in management, you know what are the trends and where all should reach by the next few months… so share the most important goals and directions for your group. When it is possible mark in a way visible for everyone the progress on the goals that are measurable and observable.

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Astronomy: Why sky glow is a problem for astronomers

Why sky glow is a problem for astronomers #1

Sky glow is the illumination of the night sky (partially or completely). Its most common cause is the artificial light of the cities which accumulates into a vast glow that can be seen from many kilometers away in any direction. Sky glow from the artificial lights is common throughout the world, it can be observed as a glowing dome of the populated area.

Other causes include natural sources as the starlight and airglow emitted in the upper utmosphere. Sky glow can also be caused by natural occurences like the meteorits or comets entering in the atmoshpere. One famous event happened in 1908 in Tunguska when an meteoroid spanning a few meters in radius exploded some kilometers above the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in the Krasnoyarsk Krai region of Russia. The light emitted from the Tunguska explosion was so great that it created skyglow as far away as England, the population over there experienced intermittent “bright nights” (a term that is now synonymous with sky glow) for several weeks.

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Science: Myths and facts about the olive tree

Myths and facts about the olive tree #1

Facts about the olive tree

The olive tree (Olea europaea; Heb. zayith, Gk, elaia) is an evergreen tree usually about 5 meters (about 16 ft) high when pruned, but it can get much taller when unpruned. Young trees have a smooth silver grey bark, but with age the slender trunks become fluted, knobby and stout. Many old trees develop holes in the sides of the trunks which themselves are hollow; the holes result from old side branches rotting away. Besides the great olives, the numerous branches form a dense and shady tree that shelters a lot of animals in the heat of the day.

Olive leaves are narrow and sharply pointed, grey-green on the upper surface and white on the underside owing to a complete covering of minute white scales – that helps to keep down water loss from the tree. Flowers open on May, they bud develop among the leaves on the previous year’s wood. There are between 10 and 40 flowers carried on each short inflorescence, the white flowers are divided in 4 parts but they have only two stamens. The young olive trees start flowering when they are at leas 5 or 6 years old, their best olive production is between 40 and 50 years, but it is said there are a lot ancient trees that bear regular crops.

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Technology: What to consider when buying a ham radio antenna

If you don’t know it yet, ham radio antenna is dedicated to amateur radio (ham) operators, that radio anthusiasts all over the world that spend countless hours searching between radio waves and talking to other people from different part of their country or continent. They are authorized by their communications or postal authorities to transmit and receive at frequencies from a few hundred kilohertz to microwave and they require solutions that will fit their plans, their needs, and, why not, their dreams.

The right ham radio antenna increases the range of the transmission and it help ensure its clarity. Choosing the right antena involves considering several important factors as the type of your radio equipment, the territory you are living in (it’s not the same thing if you are living between mountains or you are living in the middle of a huge plain) and the price of the antenna itself. One on the most important things that matter, depending about the regulatory enivornment is whether the antenna is going to be visible to everybody or invisible (hidden, low power, camouflaged).

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Computers: What to consider when buying a computer monitor

When every one of us is buying a computer monitor there are some things to consider that will ansure we are purchasing a product that meet all our needs. You will won’t find any new analog Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitor, most of the are outdated as technology, and you will probably find some second or third hand CRT monitor if you search well enough. They have been replaces by the thinner and brighter Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) flat panel. The advantages of LCDs are visible: they consume less power, emit less radiation and take up less space.

The 3 main panel technologies currently used in LCDs are: vertical alignment (VA), twisted nematic (TN) and in-place switching (IPS). Samsung created a new panel tech in 2011 called Plane to Line-Switching (PLS). Monitor manufactures uses TN for making most of consumer monitors.

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Filmul In time (2011)

Zilele astea am avut prilejul să urmăresc filmulIn time (2011), o producţie americană care se petrece într-un viitor în care oamenii se opresc din îmbătrînire la 25 de ani în urma unor modificări genetice disponibile tururor, iar din acel moment oamenii mai au de trăit doar un an. Pentru a supravieţui mai mult ei trebuie să facă rost de timp, iar toate tranzacţiile nu se mai fac în bani ci în timp. Astfel bogaţii pot trăi la nesfîrşit, iar săracii trăiesc (la propriu) de pe o zi pe alta. Acţiunea se petrece în 2044, adică nu prea mult în viitor.

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Practica kendo: Suburi pentru Japonia in Timisoara, Romania / – felia mea de internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania

 Clubul de Kendo şi Iaido Sam-Sho Timişoara comemorează printr-un act cultural tragicele evenimente din Japonia, din 2011.

Gest simbolic de solidaritate cu naţiunea niponă, evenimentul “Suburi pentru Japonia”.

Mii de lovituri de kendo, un efort susţinut, de grup, care să marcheze efortul poporului japonez în reconstrucţia ţării, comemorînd şi dispariţia tragică a miilor de oameni loviti de dezastru. La eveniment a fost prezent domnul Nobumitsu Takamatsu, ataşat cultural la Ambasada Japoniei în România.

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